RV lithium-ion Battery


Lithium batteries provide much more power and significantly better performance compared to traditional lead acid batteries.
They are a lot lighter, weight saving for a large camper. The lifetime is many times longer than traditional batteries

Huge Capacity (240Ah), Half in Weight (15Kg), Triple Efficiency, Long Life Span, Eco-Friendly, Low Self Discharge Rate, Maintenance Free. 

  • SE-12240 Can replace lead-acid battery, directly.
  • Safety: BMS Over Charge/Over Load/Over Current/Over Temperature Protection.
  • Suitable for Energy Storage Applications such as RV, Yacht, UPS, Solar or related.
  • worldwide insurance $1M (USD).
Model No.   SPEC.  Weight  Dimension
SE-12240 12V240Ah 15kg 326*172*216(mm)
SE-12100 12V160Ah 6kg 239*174*188(mm)
SE-12100 12V100Ah 8kg 238*130*222(mm)
SB-3kw24V 24V120Ah 18kg 482*400*108(mm)
SB-3kw48V 48V60Ah 18kg 482*400*108(mm)