SEGL Energy

SEGL Battery is the first manufacturer using NMC Battery cell to design SLI starter battery to replace Lead-acid based batteryt(Gel, AGM...)



Decade of business experience in Li-ion Battery and related application, innovated by New Aged Lithium Battery, today, we utilized resources aim to bring revolutionary solution to the Automobile industry.  The Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC Li-ion) for Automobile start up Battery.  From Research & Developments, step into Manufacturing. SEGL Energy Co., Ltd. established on September, 2014.  




We are the first Manufacturer who developed Automobile Start up Battery using NMC Lithium battery. We expect to become the MAJOR SUPPLIER in the field of Green Energy industry. Bring green energy to our everyday life.



 Technology, Innovation and Integration, revolutionize the use of new green power.